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Tuya Convert Not Working? NO Solder Jig | Flash Tasmota & ESPHome - YouTube I just want to report that the device QS-WIFI-S03 Module Switch ( https://templates.blakadder.com/QS-WIFI-S03.html) appears to have been updated to the newest Tuya firmware/patch thus Tuya Convert is not working. I bought 9 of those on May this year and I was able to flash it via Tuya Convert Option #2 - Do a fresh Kali-Linux install, where the Tuya-Convert team has tested and approved working. Currently, once a device has been upgraded to a blocking firmware, it won't let you convert anymore- Although I suspect the Tuya-Convert team is working on that Sponsor ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert. Notifications. Star 2.9k. Fork 365. Code. Issues 119. Pull requests 12. Discussions. Actions

Tuya Convert Not Working? NO Solder Jig Flash Tasmota

  1. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid.
  2. No worries. Shut down Tuya Convert. Unplug the smart outlet. Bring Tuya Convert back up, let it pull up the AP. Fire up the smart outlet again. No need to press any buttons. Hit enter and it will take off and finish. Delet
  3. Most Tuya devices are based on the ESP WiFi chip and are therefore compatible with Tuya Convert. You can check the Blakadder Tasmota repository to see if your device is listed if you wanted to make sure. You can also see some devices that have been confirmed not to work due to using a different hardware
  4. To ensure Tasmota runs reliably execute the command reset 5 after Tuya-Convert is finished and Tasmota is up and running. Doing this removes fragments of the original firmware left in flash which can create issues in the future. After all that is done you can proceed with the needed configuration of your device. Help and troubleshooting for Tuya-Convert is done on Tuya-Convert's Github. Danger.
  5. Diesen Tuya Hack haben sie Tuya Convert getauft. Gemeinsam mit dem Magazin c't wurde es auf GitHub gestellt, damit sich die Smart Home Community daran erfreuen kann. Du kannst mit dieser Firmware dein Gerät übrigens auch via HUE-Emulation, über Alexa und Google Home steuern, solange diese im selben WLAN sind. Über eine Homebridge mit dem Hue-Plugin kannst du deine Geräte so auch.
  6. Showing the new changes to the Tuya Convert to flash those updated devices with blocked firmware! Update them while you can as the cat and mouse game contin... Update them while you can as the cat.

Don't add devices to the Tuya App - it is now blocking Tuya-Convert. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up. Ask questions Flashing Feit Dual Outlet not working I'm new to all of this so maybe I'm missing something key... Tuya-Convert running on Kali Live USB Did all steps in guide to update all the packages. SUDO ./start_flash.sh. in a few seconds it shows 'SmartConfig complete' but quickly retries multiple times. Blue light on Feit continues to flash the entire time, through multiple 'retries. Tuya Convert runs assuming it is. My other thought is that your build may not have the linux drivers for the rtl8188 chipset that support AP mode. I had to download and install an alternative driver to get this working. I used this guide: http://systemsnotebook.blogspot.com/2019/10/tuya-convert-on-virtualbox-with-rtl8192.html?m=

However, if you used your main Linux distro, you might have issues with the network card not appearing, this is because sometimes it is left in monitor mode by Tuya-convert, luckily should be easily resolved: ifconfig wlanX down iwconfig wlanX mode managed ifconfig wlanX up service NetworkManager restart. WiFi should start working again. Conclusio Wifi not working after using tuya-convert. 1. I intended to flash a firmware on one of my home devices using tuya-convert. I basically installed a few dependencies, then ran a script that used my Ubuntu 18 notebook as a hotspot for the smart device. Sadly, after rebooting, my wifi stopped working Tuya-Convert on Windows - Use VMware to flash Tuya devices! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I missed tuya convert so much. Imma hit you up on patron if i can ota flash 8 2019 tuya plugs! The tuya integration with ha was not working well for me, and I couldnt figure out tuya-lan despite my best efforts! Can't wait for dark

QS-WIFI-S03 - Tuya-Convert does not work (possibly because

Not sure if this will help on not but I had some initial trouble with getting my plug to work with home assistant. My issue was getting the proper mqtt channel set up. What I finally did was read the tuya convert documentation that helped me understand the proper mqtt message that needed to be sent. I used the tasmota console for my device to send commands and saw what the proper mqtt message. As of January 28th, 2019, Tuya has started distributing a patch that prevents tuya-convert from completing successfully. It is up to the individual brands to adopt the patch, so some devices may be affected sooner than others Now that Tuya-Convert is running, it will have created a new WiFi network called 'vtrust-flash' and we need to connect our mobile phone to this network in order for the flashing to work. In my experience the phone does not stay connected for too long, therefore I recommend connecting it to vtrust-flash after you put your device into EZ pairing mode. Simply open up WiFi settings on your ph git clone https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert. Wechseln Sie in den Ordner und starten Sie die Installation der benötigten Zusatzsoftware. cd tuya-convert sudo ./install_prereq.s

Tuya-Convert process disabled - Firmware v

Wird eure Steckdose erfolgreich erkannt und gefunden erhaltet ihr ein Feedback, ansonsten versucht es Tuya-Convert mehrfach erneut bis es letztlich aufgibt. Sollte dies der Fall sein, habt ihr. There is an updated version of this Tuya-Convert guide, I'd highly recommend using Kali Live or a Raspberry Pi for this, other distros might not work properly, I tried Fedora which didn't work since it does not label the network adapters how Tuya-Convert expects. This is an easy fix but I'd just go for one of the above methods. Most importantly, for the highest chance of this working. Tuya-Convert: IoT-Geräte ohne Löten vom Cloud-Zwang befreien. Alle Heise-Foren > c't > Kommentare zu c't-Artikeln > Tuya-Convert: IoT-Geräte ohne > Fehlermeldungen finden Beitrag Threads.

Does not work with other proprietary Smart Home systems like Philips Hue and Ikea Tradfy. Because the large variety of different devices is pairing a new device not always straightforward. Since May 2020, Tuya has stopped supporting the IFTTT platform. Your first steps on the Tuya platform. Getting started with Tuya is quite easy. Since in most cases you don't need a bridge or device hub, you just need three things: a Tuya compatible device, the Tuya app and a Wireless internet. The Tuya-Convert script mimicks the server environment that Tuya uses to configure its devices. Reflash. Once the installation completes, type. sudo ./start_flash.sh. to run the flash script Unfortunately, Tuya issued a patch in January that stopped this software hack from working. IN ANY CASE, DO NOT CONNECT THE SWITCH TO THE OFFICIAL TUYA OR LSC APP. THIS WILL DOWNLOAD THE LATEST STOCK FIRMWARE TO THE DEVICE AND POSSIBLY MAKE IT UNFLASHABLE AGAIN. Luckily, some other smart people figured out another workaround with tuya-convert and as of September/October, tuya-convert can be.

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This is usually done by pressing and holding the primary button of the device Make sure nothing else is plugged into your IoT device while attempting to flash. Press ENTER to continue ^C======================================================. ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert. Answer questions micmosoft Starting pairing procedure in screen RTNETLINK answers: File exists ~/tuya-convert Waiting for the upgraded device to appear If this does not work have a look at the '*.log'-files in the 'scripts' subfolder!.

Ask questions Changing wlan device in docker not working Was just trying to run the docker version as described in the README under Ubuntu 18.04. On my machine, the WLAN device is not named wlan, but wlp2s0, so I've changed this in the docker-compose.yml to - WLAN=wlp2s Used tuya-convert 2.4.4 to flash tasmota-lite.bin v 8.4.0. successfully flashed 3 of 4 of them. On 4th got the to the wifi configuration page on the switch and maybe entered the PW wrong. (I did not change from default config so 4 quick button presses does not work Tuya Convert installieren. Nachfolgend müssen nun einige Befehle in diesem Terminalfenster eingegeben werden. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install git. Das Repository klonen: git clone https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert cd tuya-convert sudo ./install_prereq.sh Tuya-Convert Flash starte Unfortunately due to the PSK update, flashing it OTA using tuya-convert is no longer an option. So I opened it up, soldered connections from GND, 3V3, RX and TX to my USB to TTL adapter, but I just cannot get it into programming mode. To do that, the IO0 pad on the back needs to be pulled low during poweron, but somehow this just won't work. The chip always boots into the Tuya firmware. I've spent hours soldering wires to the pad and desoldering them again as well as pressing.

I'm often working in the office on the other side of the house so I toggle the light on and off 6 times as a visual indicator that my wife is home and I can go greet her and my son coming home from work. If I know she's coming from the grocery store, I can start walking to the car to help her if I'm not in the middle of something cd tuya-convert ./start_flash.sh NOTE: If you have an issue with a device not working and it is an ESP82xx based device, you can try the older 2.3 branch; delete your old tuya-convert folder, run the git command below then run install_prereq.sh again This step is IMPORTANT otherwise the smartconfig will not work! 2. Put your IoT device in autoconfig/smartconfig/pairing mode (LED will blink fast). This is usually done by pressing and holding the primary button of the device 3. Press ENTER to continue ===== Starting smart config pairing procedur Tuya-Convert might not be possible for this device if the manufacturer started using newest Tuya firmware since this template was published (2019-12-09). Update 2020-11-13 Tuya-Convert does not work anymore you need to hard flash the chip directly with USB TTL cable (3.3v) Attach the GPIO0 wire to ground during initial boot to flash

It will not work with Tasmota binaries compiled with 2.6.0 or later. To solve this you can try creating a new Wi-Fi AP with the same SSID and no (none) authentication. Use an old router, a mobile phone or, if you're desperate, change the settings on your main router (but remember to turn authentication back on when you're done). Depending on the router/phone it will ignore the wrong Wi-Fi. Reinstalling the Mosquitto broker with all its components and settings you need will restore previous configuration and address the problem. What is probably happened is Tuya Convert reinstalled and configure some of the Mosquitto MQTT Broker component changing its corresponding Integration The Tuya-Convert project allows you to free up from the cloud most of the Tuya devices that are based on the ESP8266 chipset. You may have noticed that I have said most of and the reason is that Tuya has been trying to prevent their devices from being flashed, which they have achieved at least during some time However, if you prefer Ubuntu for some reason you need to resolve one problem: dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket for port 53: Address already in use. The solution should not be complicated. Before running tuya-convert, you need to call the stop service running on the same port as the needed dnsmasq Working Home Assistant - but if you still don't have it check this video article; TuyaSmart app installed (from your mobile phone sore) with added some Tuya devices inside. Steps In Configuration file: You will need your Tuya account information (username, password and account country code) to discover and control your devices

There are still scenarios where Tuya-Convert will not work with some devices and unfortunatley flashing via serial is then potneitally required. Flashing via serial will be covered in a post soon. More information Tuya-Convert can be found here. Getting Ready to flash ESPHome to a device. There are 3 methods to flashing ESPHome using Tuya-Convert Tuya-Convert might not be possible for this device if the manufacturer started using newest Tuya firmware since this template was published (2020-11-25). Flashed OTA with tuya on 11.23.2020. The current listed template did not work for me. Purchased 4-pack from Amazon on 11/27/20 and flashed OTA using Tuya Convert 2.4.4. The first template (0. Tuya Convert project is allowing you to flash an alternative firmware over The Air thanks to VTRUST hack. This article explains step by step procedure to flash a Tasmota firmware OTA on most ESP8266/85 Tuya based wifi switches. It typically needs a Raspberry Pi with a Wifi adapter and a Linux computer. Your Wifi adapter should be able to enter in AP mode (which is the case with most recent models) Setup and Install Tuya-Convert In the putty window type git clone https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert press enter and wait. Type cd tuya-convert and press enter

cd tuya-convert./start_flash.sh. Press YES. Connect your mobile phone WIFI to access point vtrust-flash which should become available. Use password flashmeifyoucan without the quotes. On the second terminal.. cd tuya-convert/scripts tail -f *log. Back on terminal one, press ENTER and wait for the prompt. You can watch progress on terminal TWO When terminal ONE returns to the prompt, you've done the first step of the hack, now to flash Tasmota Tasmota (Connect) is a SmartApp & Device Type for SmartThings, that allows you to add your Tasmota devices as SmartThings devices. ESP8266 or ESP8285 Wifi devices from brands like BlitzWolf, Eachen, Moes, Sonoff, Teckin, Tuya & Zemismart can be flashed with Tasmota (instruction). Works with the Official Tasmota firmware. If your device works with Tuya Smart or Smart Life app it may be possible. @Wildbill sagte in Tasmota auf Tuya-Gerät per Skript flashen (ohne löten) funktioniert nicht:. Also der flash2 prüft ja nicht nur die Verbindung sondern wechselt auch die userconfig auf den 2. user. Aber, da Du die Firmware erst gar nicht aufs Gerät bekommst sollte das wohl egal sein Device is running 1.1.4 of Tuya FW, so not yet working with tuya-convert (11/04/2020). To flash via UART, SMD capacitor C4B must be removed (below button), due to its effect on the rise times on the RXD. Be careful not to damage LED when removing this Capacitor. A video showing the disassembly and flashing process:. I have this plug but Tuya Convert does not work for me. I guess because the device has a newer firmware which blocks Tuya Convert implementation is there a working OTA way to flash firmware ? I am not good at soldering so the flash using a programmer method is not good for me..

Tuya-convert would NOT work for me on this board and initially, several attempts at flashing using the soldering iron failed. The unit did, however, still pair with the Blitzwolf APP without issue. Initially I tried and failed to solder the 3v3 pad as it is right next to the relay. I eventually got power and ground from underneath (the regulator - big pads) none of which helped with my. Do not connect the UK power strip to its app. It's fair to say, that Tuya isn't exactly the biggest fan of TUYA-CONVERT. In the past, firmware updates for Tuya products have been released that blocked TUYA-CONVERT from working its magic. Luckily, the developers quickly found a workaround which is as of today reported to be functional If Tuya-Convert did not work, we need to solder. As mentioned above, this is a great device for soldering. Follow this guide here for how to solder. It is a different product but the procedure is the exact same. Follow up to before creating the ESPHome firmware section, we are going to be using Tasmota here instead of ESPHome. Download the latest Tasmota from here. The standard Sonoff version.

The Tasmota (Connect) SmartThings integration does not include bulbs, so they need to be managed through sending web commands using a device on your local network such as Home Assistant or SmartThings. Web-based services like IFTTT do not work because they can't access devices on your local network. If you want to use something like IFTTT, you'll need to use a service like no-ip.com as. Tuya-Convert might not be possible for this device if the manufacturer started using newest Tuya firmware since this template was published (2020-11-21).. WARNING!! : POWER METERING NOT WORKING Tuya-Convert Method not working As at Sep 2020, the tuya-convert method doesn't work on the iteration of the model I had. When set to flash, the bulb would recognise something happening and come out of setup mode... but tuya-convert would time out JDRoberts. Step 2. If the app can not work, you can use its alternative - Samsung Data Transfer to move data to another phone in batches. 3. The smart plug can only support 2.4G network when connecting. The one that is offered by a fresh install of tuya-convert on the rpi3? But as we know, Samsung Smart Switch not working is a frequent occurrence for quite some users which can not be fixed by simply restarting or reinstalling the app. Android to iOS - contacts, and documents. Thanks for the. Oh I was too lazy. I let them courier it from Constantia Berg to me in the Northern Suburbs. Its almost a 45min-50min drive. Decided the courier price is worth that time, Anyways, not happy but.

I want to flash one of these chinese power strips with the help of tuya-convert but the WiFi doesn't appear. Because I don't have a Raspberry Pi I tried it with the Windows subsystem Ubuntu. And I'm using a USB-WiFi-Stick on my computer but normally that should work. Can anyone help me solve this issue? Or did anyone tried it with a subsystem and had success? 该提问来源于开源项目. Follow the instructions to run tuya-convert. docker-compose up -d docker-compose exec tuya start. The remaining instructions will be displayed in the command line ; Getting it working with the new firmware. At this stage the Kogan plug has been flashed with a minimal ESPHome install. It should show up as online in the ESPHome dashboard. The good news is that it's free from the. EDIT: For Everyone: For devices that will work, there is a database on the Tuya Convert Github. If you get one to work that is not listed, be nice and post back please! Be courteous and kindly help back people that helped you. There are Tasmota templates that exist too you can load up and not have to configure ***anything***! For that Mediatek - I am actually working on it. I bought myself a.

Tuya Convert did not work due to new firmware. Disconnect the fan and USB charging port from the PCB. Connect your flasher to GND, TX and RX pins and power the board with its battery. Ground GPIO0 directly on the TYWE3S module. Configuration. This device is very different from other Tuya devices. First of all it uses low power batter protocol although the wifi module is never turned off. If not,you can switch light quickly into fast-flash state by continue stepson-off-on-off-on .Click indicator light in fastly flashing to start adding devices of smart light. Search wifi router and type in passwords of the router. The devices will remember the SSID and code of router via Tuya Smart APP then use the wifi to connect the internet. 2.4. Device name Modification After.

Note that not all devices would work, but anything running ESP chips has a great success rate. The process is surprisingly simple, polished and quick. To get started you will need: Linux machine with WiFi (Raspberry Pi will do!) A spare WiFi device (mobile phone, computer, WiFi toaster) A compatible Tuya device - in this case Novostella 1300 lumen RGB smart bulb and floodlights. I'm using Google home on my phone only. I have 5 outlets and they all still work fine through the Gosund app, but Home keeps saying it can't connect to the light. I've tried unlinking Gosund from Google Home, rebooting the Wifi, updating the Home app, and rebooting my phone without success. Couldn't find a solution in any of the old posts either and there's no related posts less than a year. Not my plug is not working with ifttt and SmartThings at all. Cheap replacement that does power monitoring. Cheap replacement that does power monitoring. bob5731 (Bob5731) September 10, 2019, 2:46a

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Devices automatically start/stop working based on temperature, location and time. • Easily share devices among family members • Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety • Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices Weitere Informationen. Minimieren. Bewertungen. It is working and appears to be capable from the smart phone app but not what I wanted. It does have a way to connect it to openHab via IFTTT but I am not sure I want to do that, I prefer my stuff contained on the local network. After some research I found some information on this type of plug it is apparently using an mqtt server although I am having trouble capturing the packets that show. If not - Tasmota is your best bet, as it's really customizable. For example, I could not successfully use Espurna for SHP7 and SHP10. I've flashed the basic espurna binary and upgraded via the interface to espurna-1.14.1-blitzwolf-bwshpx.bin as this would be the logical choice. However, this didn't work

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First of all, you will not need shutter support in Tasmota. All the calculations and shutter positions are done by the MCU, all Tasmota has to do is send proper commands to the MCU. We know dpId 1 controls the blinds but uses 0/1/2 payloads. That means we cannot assign it as an on/off relay unless we only want open and stop functionality. Since TuyaMCU maps dpId 1 as Power1 by default we need to move it to either a non-existing dpId or a report only dpId. I chose to move it to. Install it alongside a tuya-convert install on a pi or similar and it'll do the device id read, ota unlock, and reflash the firmware all a bit under a minute. Enjoy. EDIT: Copy of the readme file from the zip below so you know what to expect @GujaratSantana Assuming you know how the keyboards looks like, I'll list the hotkeys I didn't tested or confirmed not working: F8, F10, F11, F12 -> I uses shortcut Super+F11, F12 to adjust the brightness of the monitor. Also Fn + Home,End,PgUp,PgDn can't be bound. - Dinir Oct 5 '16 at 0:4 Irgendwie sichert das Tuya-Convert-Script ja die originale Firmware. Aber wie man dann einfach zurück geht weiß ich nicht. Gespeichert Bartimaus. Hero Member; Beiträge: 1271; Antw:Einbindung von Tuya-Devices ohne Löten - Tuya-Api « Antwort #61 am: 21 November 2019, 07:15:07 » Moin, ich denke bei meinen Gosunds hapert es daran, diese in den korrekten Pairing-Modus zu bringen. Wenn ich die. However, newer versions of the Teckin socket no longer work with Tuya-Convert. Therefore this is not recommended. So now it depends on the age (e.g. firmware version or Wifi module) of @marco93 s Teckin sockets. EDIT: Some important information you can find here: There are at least two Versions of the SP22 out

SO - what is Tuya-Convert? Let's say you are working with ESP8266-based Smartlamps and you want to put Espurna, Tasmota or other non-original firmware onto them to escape cloud dependency and maybe gain some new features. And let's say these are lamps whereby plugging in a serial FTDI lead is difficult or impossible. To the rescue comes Tuya-Convert. Caviat: I should say at the start. If it doesn't find the right value it assumes that this is not a simple upgrade and takes the compiled-in configuration settings and writes them out to the configuration area. Recovery Techniques~ Listed below are a few ways to reset the device to what is set in the firmware binary (my_user_config.h and user_config_override.h) aka firmware defaults, in order to recover a device: Hold the.

Mit Tuya-Convert Tasmota Firmware auf Smarte Geräte flashe

IMPORTANT 1. Connect any other device (a smartphone or something) to the WIFI vtrust-flash This step is IMPORTANT otherwise the smartconfig may not work! 2. Put your IoT device in autoconfig/smartconfig/pairing mode (LED will blink fast). This is usually done by pressing and holding the primary button of the device Make sure nothing else is plugged into your IoT device while attempting to flash. 3. Press ENTER to continue ===== Starting smart config pairing procedure Waiting for. The smart plug uses a new version of the firmware with better security so it can't be intercepted by Tuya-convert (yet, anyway.) The Nedis plug is actually included in the list of devices known to have this problem, so I should have done better research before buying. Oh well. If OTA update was not an option, I could still do it the old fashioned way by opening the case and directly. It's easy to overlook this and then spend ages wondering why its not working! yes, I did it at least once! Make sure MQTT is also enabled by ticking the box and enter a friendly name. This is the name of the device that will appear in Home Assistant. It is called a friendly name because it does not need to be formatted in such a way that it is compatible with being embedded within. Do not press any buttons on the BNC-60. This time you'll see: Fetching firmware backup. with downloading progress. and then: Available options: 0) return to stock 1) flash espurna.bin 2) flash tasmota.bin q) quit; do nothing Please select 0-2: At this point, you're back to a normal tuya-convert flow. Pick your choice 1 or 2. Eg.

Flashing an ENER-J SHA5264 wifi smart plug to Tasmota. After having messed with an unbranded wifi lightbulb I thought I would have a look at a smart socket with energy monitoring. This particular model didn't have an entry on the Tasmota device templates repository nor was it listed as not compatible so I thought I would take a chance on it being ESP8266 based, the screws in the case also. Just follow their tutorial on installation. What I did to install, was already on their site: # git clone https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert # cd tuya-convert # ./install_prereq.sh. Then, in order to start it every time, you just execute ./start_flash.sh and follow the instructions on the screen

Flashing new firmware is always a bit risky, but I succesfully flashed 2 color lights and 2 filament lights, following the instructions for Tuya Convert https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert. I used a dedicated Raspberry PI 3 for it, that worked fine. After flashing the Tasmota firmware you can connect to the WiFi netwrk (the light bulb acts as WiFi AP) and do the setup. What you need is the right template string Flash Tasmota on Tuya Device using Tuya-Convert The Tuya-Convert project allows you to free up from the cloud most of the Tuya devices that are based on the ESP8266 chipset. The device then can be used with newly flashed TASMOTA frimware with openHAB or other home automation servers without the need for a cloud server. This in turn gives you privacy and rapid respose compared to cloud based.

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Can confirm the new BNETA plugs do not work with Tuya Convert. Got a BNETA plug with power monitoring this week from Takealot and it isn't compatible. Says the firmware is too new. I didn't. Since the Home Assistant does not have a native support for the device I'm planning to: Create an ESPhome firmware with the configuration I found from the Home Assistant discussion board. Flash the firmware with tuya-convert. Finally, control the device with Home Assistant This step is IMPORTANT otherwise the smartconfig may not work! 2. Put your IoT device in autoconfig/smartconfig/pairing mode (LED will blink fast). This is usually done by pressing and holding the primary button of the device Make sure nothing else is plugged into your IoT device while attempting to flash. 3. Press ENTER to continue ===== Starting smart config pairing procedure Waiting for the. Tuya-Convert. I have adopted plenty of Tuya devices using Tuya-Convert. I am now using a dedicated Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian 10. It is connected via Ethernet to my network so that I keep full remote control while Tuya-Convert uses the WiFi adapter. I used Tuya-Convert version 2.2.0 with a manual patch of one file that was required to convert some other devices. Configuration Tasmota. As of the time of writing, versions 1019 or 0320 can be flashed using tuya-convert, however if it is version 0520 OTA flashing will not work. You can check these versions by looking at the bottom left of the Arlec product plaque. See below examples; GPIO Pinou

Don't add devices to the Tuya App - it is now blocking

To get Tuya-Convert running as a container in Docker, you will need a computer running Linux with Docker and Docker Compose installed. Clone the Tuya-Convert project and build the docker image with the provided Dockerfile. Create a new directory to work from and copy the example docker/docker-compose.yml file there. The only thing that you need. AS OF JUL 19 THIS HAS STOPPED WORKING I apologize if you did not get your bootloader unlocking! At the moment, there is no information if the classic exploit will return, if it has worked for you, please make a post about it on this thread! We will go back to work to ensure pixels will get unlocked. I do not know how long it may take, it could. Page 1 of 5 - Gosund WiFi dimmer replacing firmware - posted in Wiring Closet: Testing here a pair of Gosund WiFi dimmer in wall switches. Removed the cloud based OS and installed control via MQTT. The prices are very good at this time for these switches. Build looks OK. This is my first time checking out one of these devices

Flashing Feit Dual Outlet not working - tuya-conver

I love your work, your videos has been the success of my home automation, and because of you and the TUYA-Convert video, i have now added over 25 switches, and 5 NodeMCU boards. Been using Hassio this year, moving away from Smartthings, and i was using smarthings as my zigbee controller for a while (have over 60 zigbee devices) . Suddenly the other night, it died and lost power. I saw this. tuya-convert; grid-connect; Comments: here. I bought one of the Grid Connect powerboards from Bunnings last week, and flashed it with a custom firmware. The model I bought was the PB89HA, which is the one with 5 sockets (one of which is not switchable). The button is on GPIO3, and the LED is an inverted GPIO1. The four relays are on GPIO5, GPIO4, GPIO13 and GPIO12, starting with the one. Started Disable WiFi if county not set That does exactly what it says, if you don't have your country set, your wlan0 is disabled. First, you need to set your country. Once booted and logged in, enter setup . sudo raspi-config Choose option 4 Localization Options then 14 Change Wi-Fi Country and set your country. After a reboot, wlan0 will appear Device case is glued so recommended way to flash it is using tuya-convert. This method worked for 3 devices that were shipped before December 2019, never paired with Tuya apps and never powered on near open WiFi APs. So they had no chance to download Tuya-Convert updates. It may not work for devices with newer firmware. Prerequisites

AP mode not supported! TP-LINK TL-wn725 · Issue #770 · ct

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I've been using the Deta Grid Connect 1 and 2 gang light switches with Home Assistant for about 6 months now - as mentioned in this post.The 3 and 4 gang switches have finally arrived, and having picked one up from Bunnings, I was keen to get it setup and the firmware replaced with my own.. As mentioned in that previous post, replacing the firmware with ESPHome, your own firmware, or.

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