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All Pennywise Quotes ''it'' (2017) If you watch until after the credits of the 2017 film, you will see that a children's show appears on the television and pennywise is clearly sat there for all to see. it is intended that. The first scene of 2017's it was when georgie took his boat, made by brother bill denbrough, out in the rain where he meets pennywise at a storm sewer. in the original, the following scene was a funeral scene for georgie, and it was said it tore his arm. Top 10 Scariest Scenes From IT (2017) - YouTube IT (2017) Time to Float Scene | Full HD. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Switch camera

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In one scene after Pennywise gets stabbed In the eye he turns around with his mouth ripped open showing a little bit of IT and pairs of sharp teeth can be seen, then he rips his hand open with sharp spider like claws. Edit . IT changes its form according to the children's fears multiple times throughout the movie including dead Georgie, a deformed leper, a headless boy, werewolf claws, mummy. Pennywise Time To Float - Refrigerator Scene (it 2017) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Switch camera Here are all of th... All Pennywise quotes from the ICONIC new horror classic ''IT'' Bill Skarsgard gave us an unforgettable performance as pennywise the clown

It. (2017 film) It is a 2017 film about a group of bullied kids who band together when a malevolent shapeshifting creature, taking the appearance of a clown, begins hunting and eating children. Directed by Andy Muschietti. Written by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and Gary Dauberman, based on the novel by Stephen King The Deleted Scene in Details. In a September 2017 interview, Bill Skargard, the actor who played Pennywise, revealed that he shot a flashback scene in the 1600s, but it turned out really disturbing and that he looked more like himself then he did the clown. He stated that the idea was to provide a backstory of what It is, or where Pennywise came from and that they would explore it in the second movie. On that same year, Reddit user lundgrenos posted a description of the removed scene. 00:59:19 - Bill sees Georgie in the flooded basement, he slowly begins to decay and suddenly Pennywise rushes through the water towards Bill. 01:13:51 - The children are in Bill's garage looking at various slides on a projector screen that suddenly begins to take on a life of its own. Pennywise appears on the projector screen and the kids panic and attempt to turn the projector off. Suddenly Pennywise is coming out of the projector and into the room with them Pennywise lures Georgie into his sewer with the paper boat, and we all know what happens next. But in this scene, there's a twist. Give it a watch below: The people who made IT (2017) actually. Box office. $701.8 million. It, retroactively known as It Chapter One, is a 2017 supernatural horror film based on Stephen King 's 1986 novel of the same name. Produced by New Line Cinema, KatzSmith Productions, Lin Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment, and distributed by Warner Bros

Here, we'll be reviewing the Pennywise sewer scene from the 2017 horror movie It. If you've seen the movie It, you know the sewer scene. And if you haven't seen the movie, you've probably still heard about this moment. That's the kind of far-reaching and long-lasting effect this scene has had on viewers. It's easy to understand why. Put an evil cosmic clown in a sewer within a residential neighborhood, introduce a little boy chasing a paper boat down the gutter. Pennywise himself, played by actor Bill Skarsgård, revealed that one flashback scene showing the origin of the clown monster was so horrifying that they decided to cut it from the movie Bearded Horror On With Images Pennywise The Clown. It S Pennywise The Behind Makeup You. It 2017 Deleted Scenes Pennywise And More You. Bill Skarsgard Getting Into Pennywise Makeup He Looks Either Mad. New Photo Of Pennywise And Victoria Behind The Scenes Itthe. Picture Of Bill Skarsgard As Pennywise On The Shooting

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  1. A 2014 draft supposedly written by Palmer and Fukunaga alone includes an interpretation of the sex scene, albeit a much cleaner alternative: After their climactic showdown with Pennywise, the.
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  3. In the scene after Beverly helps the group of guys steal medical supplies in order to heal Ben after his run in with Henry Bowers, near the end of the scene after Beverly leaves and Richie tells Eddie to, Suck the wound, get in there if you look at the right side of the wall mural you'll notice a drawing of Pennywise underneath the car, which was hidden while Stanley was standing
  4. IT Chapter 2 Never Lived Up To Its Opening Scene (How It Could Have) IT 2017, and IT Chapter Two all contained versions of Stephen King's iconic group The Losers' Club, but which version was the best? Michael Kennedy Dec 23, 2020. Stephen King's IT: One Lame Book Scene The Movies Wisely Excluded. Stephen King is a titan of literary horror, but he's not perfect, and one lame scene from his.
  5. Oct 26, 2017 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube

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However, despite all that, there's one thing IT doesn't feature, and that's Pennywise devouring a baby. King doesn't go quite that far, although babies aren't safe from violence in the book completely, thanks to Patrick Hockstetter. Around the time the 2017 IT movie came out, reports surfaced of a deleted scene in which Pennywise ate a baby. Pennywise actor reveals 'disturbing' flashback cut from It. Pennywise actor reveals 'disturbing' flashback cut from. It. By Christopher Rosen. September 17, 2017 at 11:25 AM EDT

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  1. I actually have a theory for this scene. I think when Ben was talking to the librarian he was actually talking to It. She first hands him the book and asks why he isn't out playing with friends rather than inside reading. Mind you Ben has been reading up and studying about all of the disappearances already. She then hands him the book and walks to the back where she stares at him with a menacing grin. As she is watching Ben sees that creepy stuff in the book. When Ben looks and sees the.
  2. — Pennywise Dancing (@Pennywise_Dance) September 21, 2017 Cinema history is filled with plenty of classic dance scene in movies such as Saturday Night Fever or Dirty Dancing. No one expected It.
  3. From the acclaimed 2017 horror film IT, drawn from the pages of Stephen King's original novel, NECA presents Pennywise the Dancing Clown! Based on Bill Skarsgård's portrayal of the nightmare-inducing clown, this 7 scale figure has been painstakingly detailed to be as accurate to Pennywise's ornate costume as possible. To recreate even more of the most terrifying scenes from the movie, this version features 4 all-new head sculpts, a fencepost that can be inserted into one of the.
  4. When Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) strikes, we see what those otherworldly teeth can do. They latch onto Georgie's arm. He screams in pain and shock. Crunch. Georgie flings himself backwards and.
  5. Behind the Scenes. Easter Eggs. Pennywise Dance. Meme Me. Everything you wanted to know about IT (2017) Pennywise Site. Aha Aha Aha . If you liked this Evil Dead (2013) A Film Review. Ghostbusters (2016) A Film Review. Carrie (2013) A Film Review. This is the End (2013) A Film Review . This was an analytical review of. IT (d. Andy Muschietti USA/Canada 2017
  6. Some of the best and most funniest movie moments happen behind the scenes. FilmIsNow Movie Extras channel gives you the latest and best behind the scenes footage, bloopers, interviews, featurettes, deleted/alternate scenes. We give you the before, during and after that goes into making movies

However, the Tim Curry version is featured in the 2017 movie. It's in the scene in which Richie goes into Pennywise's old, derelict house and gets separated from both Bill and Eddie. He finds himself in a room full of his worst fear — clowns, of course — before Pennywise jumps out of a coffin to terrorize him. But before that, we see one clown in particular sticking out in the left. It (2017) location: Mike cycles to the butcher shop: Gould's Footwear, Walton Street, Port Hope, Ontario. 'Quality Meats' is the name of the butcher shop to which Mike is cycling when he ducks into the alleyway to avoid Bowers' gang 'I had to eat a baby': Deleted scene from Stephen King's It depicted Pennywise devouring an infant By Dailymail.com Reporter Published: 20:09 EDT, 16 October 2017 | Updated: 21:17 EDT, 16 October 2017 PENNYWISE: So you say. The Baby SCREAMS. Pennywise smiles. PENNYWISE (CONT'D): Beautiful fear ABIGAIL: I pray Thee, take me. Abigail shuffles back. PENNYWISE: I will. And then, him. And thy. Watch the It opening scene where Georgie meets Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the sewers of Derry, Maine and finds out what a monster he really is

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Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgard has revealed a IT deleted scene that could be reused in IT 2. Kevin Burwick. — September 18, 2017. Andres Muschietti's IT is number one at the box office for the. Bill Skarsgard Reveals Cut It Scene About Pennywise Origins. Most Viewed Stories. Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi Carter Outshine Bey and Jay in a Family Photo. Anti-Vaxxers Ruined John Oliver's Cicada.

Pennywise: Popcorn! Is that your favorite? Georgie: Uh-huh. Pennywise: Mine too! Because they pop! Pop, pop! Pop, pop! Pop, pop, pop! Georgie: Pop! [Both laugh then Pennywise makes a weird face.] Georgie: Um... I should get going now. Pennywise: Oh! Without your boat? You don't wanna lose it, Georgie. Bill's gonna kill you! Here. Take it. Take it, Georgie Images of ItCheck out the It wiki for more information about the film. It is a 2017 supernatural horror drama film and an adaptation of the 1986 horror novel It by Stephen King. The film is the second adaptation of King's novel, following the 1990 TV miniseries. The film is directed by Andrés Muschietti, who co-wrote the screenplay with Gary Dauberman, Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and David. Pennywise Eats a Baby in IT Deleted Scene. IT would have been a lot more controversial had one particular deleted scene not found it's way to the cutting room floor Oct 6, 2019 - Explore Randy Ramirez's board IT 2017, followed by 263 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about pennywise the dancing clown, pennywise, pennywise the clown But they're also all on the cusp of something. Pennywise knows what frightens them in this precarious state of flux and tries to use that devious, supernatural ability to lead kids to their doom. Confronting those fears rather than running away is what just might save them

Pennywise the Clown IT 2017 Fanart Boat Scene. By Amanomoon Watch. 50 Favourites. 2 Comments. 810 Views. 1990 27 adapt after attributes ben bob bond book both cabinet canada caring carys closely cohen committed design disappear eddie fellow friend from geoffrey george get greta have him homeless important incidents influence itself jacobs losing never only pennywise pip power production. December 8, 2017 | Rating: 9/10 Every scene with Pennywise himself is tremendous, it really is. And it's not that the lead characters themselves aren't likable or you don't want them to. As a child, your nightmare is that your worst fear will come to life but Pennywise actually makes that happen. I don't think any other horror villains can do that. 3. Pennywise (2017) goes unnoticed by the adults of Derry. It's just the children of Derry who are able to see Pennywise and no one else. Pennywise only shows himself to the person (or group of people) it is targeting. So while one person in a crowded room may be able to see It, no one else will When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids is faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries

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  1. (She fires a shot that triggers the 2017 Nostalgia-Ween opening. This time, the graves in the Joke Cemetery are depicted as follows: (We are shown a scene of Pennywise exposing Beverly to his Deadlights, which causes her to go into a state of catatonia and begin floating) NC: Yeah, that's a really good point! (addressing Pennywise (Curry)) For all the times you always said they float.
  2. iseries starring Tim Curry
  3. IT trailer changes one memorable scene from the book, and the result is terrifying . New, 22 comments. It's the one thing we can agree on . By Julia Alexander Mar 29, 2017, 2:00pm EDT Share this.
  4. IT is a supernatural horror movie that will be released in theaters on September 8, 2017. The movie is based on the popular 1986 book- of the same name- by Stephen King. The original movie terrified me so much that I literally slept with the lights on for a year. I can't even imagine how horrifying this one will be! Check out the trailer, then read on for some quotes from the 2017 movie.
  5. It, conosciuto anche come It - Capitolo uno (It: Chapter One), è un film del 2017 diretto da Andy Muschietti, adattamento dell'omonimo romanzo di Stephen King.. La pellicola ha come protagonisti Bill Skarsgård nel ruolo dell'entità misteriosa Pennywise/It e Jaeden Lieberher nei panni di Bill Denbrough.Il film si concentra sugli avvenimenti narrati nelle parti del romanzo ambientate tra il.
  6. Deleted It Scene About Pennywise in the 1600s The Nightmarish Deleted Scene From It That You Haven't Heard About Yet . October 27, 2017 by Ryan Roschke. 45 Shares I'm a self-professed horror fan.
  7. iseries and to the 2017 film, I want to make an extensive page which covers everything for the fans. Check out the album folders and videos for behind the scenes photos, promotional photos, trailers, interviews and all the different book covers which have been released

Tim Curry's Pennywise was just a clown to me, it didn't have the depth that Skarsgård's does. (1990) (2017) 5. The References. All. Of. The. References. As a die-hard fan of the book, this was the final factor that completely won me over. There are so many references to Stephen King's novel that I'm positive I didn't catch them all. IT 2017 - Georgie, Meet Pennywise: View Code IT Chapter 2 - I Know Your Secret (ft. Pennywise) View Code IT Chapter 2 TV SPOT PENNYWISE KILLS LITTLE: View Code IT CHAPTER TWO Trailer Music (w/Pennywise's Laugh) View Code IT Kill Them All.. pennywise: View Code IT Movie Pennywise dancin We see scenes such as Ben getting beaten up only to have a car just drive with a red balloon in it and Beverly's father not seeing the bloody bathroom Pennywise makes. By now it's clear that.

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The IT (2017) - Pennywise Accessory Pack is available now directly from the NECA eBay Store and the NECA Amazon Store. The set includes a sewer grate diorama display base, a Pennywise doll (the cameo of the original Pennywise in the film), a severed Georgie arm (previously only with the GameStop Exclusive Pennywise), and a Jack in the Box, as well as a few other items 18.02.2018 - Erkunde Andrina Mianos Pinnwand IT auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu es film, es pennywise, es stephen king

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From the acclaimed 2017 horror film IT, drawn from the pages of Stephen King's original novel, NECA presents Pennywise: The Dancing Clown!Based on Bill Skarsgård's portrayal of the nightmare-inducing clown, this 7 scale figure has been painstakingly detailed to be as accurate to Pennywise's ornate costume as possible, and is presented in an Ultimate format with special packaging and LED. Through the use of child-like performance tics and an unusual eye disorder, Bill Skarsgård may have become the definitive version of Pennywise in the 'IT' 2017 movie

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Is Pennywise an Alien? The short answer is yes. It most definitely is not from around here, nor is It even part of our own universe. While 2017's It mostly sidestepped the science fiction. Jetzt Kaufen Loungefly IT Pennywise Sewer Scene Mini Backpack NECA IT - Accessory Pack - 2017 Movie Accessory Set UVP: 46,99 € 40,99 € Jetzt Kaufen NECA IT - Accessory Pack - 2017 Movie Accessory Set Kidrobot IT Pennywise 2017 HugMe Plush 39,99 € Jetzt Kaufen Kidrobot IT Pennywise 2017 HugMe Plush Hot Toys IT Chapter Two Movie Masterpiece Action Figure 1/6 Pennywise 32cm UVP: 349,99 €. Stephen King Came Up With an All-New Scene for It Chapter Two. King had no involvement in the 2017 It adaptation, but apparently he offered notes on the follow-up. By Laura Bradle y. August 1.

It Chapter Two is a 2019 American supernatural horror film and a sequel/second half to the 2017 film It, both based on the 1986 novel by Stephen King.The film is directed by Andy Muschietti, returning from the first film, with a screenplay by Gary Dauberman.Set in 2016, 27 years after the events of the first film, it stars Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan. These Gory Scenes Were Cut From 'IT' And They Would Have Changed Everything. 10 November 2017, 12:26 | Updated: 10 November 2017, 12:29 . By James Wilson-Taylor @mrjaytee. The original version of the hit horror movie was a much bloodier affair. Having already broken countless box office records, IT is set to rake in even more cash when an extended version is released on DVD, Blu Ray and.

New and Unseen IT Movie Trailer Teaser Scenes that were sent in by Frostmare Viewer HollowMan. Let's enjoy New Pennywise Scenes from the IT 2017 Movie and behind the scenes material that was captured during the filming Including Outtakes and B-Material for the IT Movie. ! #itmovie Get the NEW Pennywise Fonko Pop Figure here: http://amzn.to/2fSQPT IT - Pennywise The Clown Seventh Appearance - I'll Kill you All Stephen King's IT (1990) - Pennywise is defeated IT - Pennywise The Clown Ninth Appearance - Take Your Pick Billy Bo There are scenes in the book which immediately spring out as being unfilmable. Some of them surround the side characters Patrick Hockstetter and Henry Bowers. In their most memorable scene together the two of them are experimenting sexually with each other while one of the main characters Beverly looks on. While this could be hinted at on the screen, the age of the boys when this happens could not be depicted and will most probably be ignored. Hockstetter has already featured.

In the 2017 R-rated version of Stephen King's IT, there is a scene where The Losers' Club mentions a missing kid by the name of Eddie Corcoran. This is a quick scene, and little is made of the child in question or what may have taken place. However, in the book, we are told in graphic detail just what happened to the poor child See a recent post on Tumblr from @bowersgangvslosersclub about it-2017-deleted-scenes. Discover more posts about it-2017-deleted-scenes

IT (2017) - 7 Scale Action Figure - Ultimate Well House Pennywise. Neca has officially announced via its social media account the release date and promotional images of their new Pennywise 7 Action Figure based on the 2017 IT remake Movie. This collectible pays homage to yet another great and spooky scene that you too can create time and time again Also, I feel like this is specifically how he's going to look when he attacks someone -- like at the end of the Georgie scene in the TV adaptation when you see his teeth -- rather than at all times. Because if he does look like this most of the time, they've really overdone it and misunderstood part of Pennywise's tactics

From the acclaimed 2017 horror film IT, drawn from the pages of Stephen King's original novel, NECA presents Pennywise the Dancing Clown! Based on Bill Skarsgård's portrayal of the nightmare-inducing clown, this 7 scale figure has been painstakingly detailed to be as accurate to Pennywise's ornate costume as possible. To recreate even more of the most terrifying scenes from the movie, this version features 4 all-new head sculpts, a fencepost that can be inserted into one of the heads, a. IT 2017, Pennywise Photoshoot with Horrify Me. Oct 26 2017. News/Updates. Warning: If clowns, scary teeth, blood, or a guy in a dodgy bald cap just aren't your thing, please click away now. I've been eyeing up the gruesomely-fantastic work of 'Horrify Me' (aka Rick Jones) for a couple of years now. I mean, there is seemingly nothing this man can't photograph or create in the vast.

The final scene with Bill and Audra Denbrough took days to rehearse, a library scene with all the adult actors involved some slight injuries due to the number of objects randomly flying around the place, while the photo album scene where Pennywise comes to life was the hardest scene to shoot for Wallace It star Bill Skarsgard says a 'disturbing' Pennywise origin scene was cut from the film. THERE are plenty of terrifying moments in It, but there was one truly disturbing scene that had to be cut Members of the It Reddit page pointed out in the scene where Ben is having his scar from his run in with Henry treated by the rest of the kids, Pennywise clearly appears on the mural on the wall behind them: Warner Brother

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IT: Pennywise was going to eat a baby in deleted scene. October 12, 2017 by: Mike Sprague. A few months back we got a scoop on a deleted scene from STEPHEN KING'S IT that centered around Bill. It (sometimes capitalized as IT), more commonly known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, is the titular main antagonist of the 1986 Stephen King novel It, its 1990 TV miniseries and 2017 film of the same name. It is a horrific and malevolent cosmic entity, that is billions of years old, spawned in the void of the Macroverse and came to planet Earth to feed. It lives in the sewers of Derry, awakening every 27 years to prey on the town's children, feeding on their fears and using the Deadlights. It Cut a 'Really, Really Disturbing' Pennywise Origin Scene. It star Bill Skarsgard reveals one particularly terrifying scene was left on the editing room floor, but may still eventually see the light of day. Andrew Paul Sep 19, 2017

Disturbing It Movie Deleted Scene Contained A Gruesome Pennywise Moment Actor Timothy Simons shares details from his audition to play Pennywise. By Chris E. Hayner on November 21, 2017 at 1:55PM PS Pennywise is very much in the cosmic horror vein of monsters. Very supernatural in ability and its reason for doing things (and how it loses power/influence). Part of why it is called 'It', the thing is just so far detached from what us mere mortals can sanely consider. Its influence is sprinkled lovingly throughout the town of Derry, like the background tv sounds in the apartment which start talking about 'playing in the sewers' and how 'the sewers are a fun place IT 2017 - Georgie, Meet Pennywise: View Code IT Chapter 2 - I Know Your Secret (ft. Pennywise) View Code IT Chapter 2 TV SPOT PENNYWISE KILLS LITTLE: View Code IT CHAPTER TWO Trailer Music (w/Pennywise's Laugh) View Code IT Kill Them All.. pennywise: View Code IT Movie Pennywise dancin

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From the acclaimed 2017 horror film IT, drawn from the pages of Stephen King's original novel, NECA presents Pennywise: The Dancing Clown!Based on Bill Skarsgård's portrayal of the nightmare-inducing clown, this 7? scale figure has been painstakingly detailed to be as accurate to Pennywise's ornate costume as possible, and is presented in an Ultimate format with special packaging and LED lights inside one of the heads. This version features 4 head sculpts, 3 of which are all-new heads. There was some CGI as was expected from a modern day horror film but I liked that Skarsgård had some scenes in the film where he was moving as himself. I don't even know if you can call the CGI in the 1990 version CGI but whatever it was there was less of it and it showed Curry's range in the role. That's part of why his performance was so good. Skarsgård, though, played Pennywise as. Tim Curry's Pennywise Cameos In New 'IT' Trailer. August 24th, 2017. Not every reboot honors the legacy of the original, but Andrew Muschetti, the director behind IT — one of the most highly anticipated horror films of the year — has managed to pay respect to what came before Check out how we transformed one of the Killer Ink Tattoo team into the fearsome Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the 2017 horror movie IT. Thanks to the help Thanks to the help IT 2017 - Pennywise / Halloween Makeup - Killer Ink Tattoo Behind the Scenes on Vime

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Their bond with each other, as well as how rich their characters are, makes Pennywise all the more terrifying. When the film begins with ( spoilers ) the famous Georgie death scene, I became. In September 2017, a camera recording of a scene from It in which the monster Pennywise dancing on a stage before grabbing Beverly Marsh by the throat was leaked on YouTube. While the original uploads were removed, a reupload by YouTuber SkilledJay remains on the site (shown below, left). While the exact origin is unclear, some have cited a video uploaded by YouTuber AdrenalinGnome as the.

This alternate version of the opening scene, when Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise lured young Jackson Robert Scott's Georgie and his yellow raincoat to the gutter, looks exactly the same and isn't any less creepy until Georgie reaches in to get his paper boat, which in the movie ended with him losing his arm. The people who made IT (2017) actually made a joke version of the Pennywise/Georgie. Of all the scenes from the book that Muschietti chose to show in detail, it feels highly significant that he chose this one. The boys cleaning montage isn't sexy or fun or exciting; it's. Pennywise 2017 - Schminkanleitung 1 Mit dem im September 2017 veröffentlichten Remake von Stephen Kings ES sind Horrorclowns wieder einmal in aller Munde. Einen besseren Charakter, um sich auf Halloween einzustimmen, kann es gar nicht geben A compilation of, in my opinion, Pennywise's funniest moments and scenes from IT (2017). Enjoy ! Music: Merry Go By Kevin MacLeod incompetech.co.

IT (2017) - All Pennywise Audio So Far From IT - YouTubeToy Fair 2019 - NECA IT 2017 Pennywise 1/4 Scale FigurePennywise Painting Scene (it 2017) - YouTubeThe It Scenes You Didn't SeeIT Flashback Was Too Disturbing for Theatrical Cut

Dead people—either truly walking dead corpses or creations born of Pennywise's bag of tricks—shamble through the movie in all their stalking grotesquery. One such manifestation looks like a leper, with parts of his face eaten away. Other zombie-like beings haunt the sewers. Blackened hands reach out from a door, as if trying to escape an inferno below. We briefly see the top half of a. View All Top Rated Game Stingers ; Grand Theft Auto V (2013) +258. Call of Duty: Ghosts (2013) +102. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2011) +101. The Darkness II (2012) +74. Games w/ Stingers. View All Games With Stingers ; Doom Eternal (2019) +6. Death Stranding (2019) +49. Days Gone (2019) +16. God of War (2018) +56. All Video Games; News. Latest News. View All News ; Cyberpunk 2077's. It (2017) director Andy Muschietti's version of the Georgie Scene adapted from Stephen King's novel not only does just that, but it blows away its predecessor the beloved 1990 made-for-television version starring Tim Curry as Pennywise. Here is a look at the scene broken down from the moment Georgie approaches the sewer drain: 1. Stephen King himself reveals the roots of his best-selling novel, the nature of childhood fear, and how he created his most famous monster, Pennywise. It - Deleted Scenes 15 mi Dec 30, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by BROTHERTEDD. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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